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Pottery using the Potter's Wheel - for Adults

This course is an introduction to the potter's wheel for beginners with little or no experience at wheel throwing. In this class students will learn the process of wheel throwing; including wedging, centering, trimming, and techniques for decorating and glazing. All levels of experience are welcome. If you have experience, we will teach to your skill level.

Classes are held 1 day a week for 6 weeks.


JAN/FEB Week of January 11 to February 15

MAR/APR Week of February 29 to April 4

APR/MAY Week of April 18 to May 23

JUN/JUL Week of June 6 to  July 11

JUL/AUG Week of July 25 to August 29

SEPT/OCT Week of September 12  to October 17

NOV/DEC Week of October 31 to December 5

Class Times:     Monday         12pm to 2:30pm

                                                   6pm to 8:30pm

                               Tuesday         9am to 11:30am

                             Wednesday   6pm to 8:30pm

                            Thursday       6pm to 8:30pm

Instructors: Kevin Lehman, Amy Holland, and Carlo Jury

Cost: $165 materials included.  The class size is limited to 10 students per class.

Classes for Hand Building Basic

This class is recommended for students with little or no experience with clay. Students will learn pinch pottery techniques, coil building, slab construction, glazing and decorating techniques. 

Classes are held 1 day a week for 6 weeks 

Dates: January 18 to February 21

Thursday Evening 6:00-8:00 pm   

Instructor: Kevin Lehman 

Cost: $165 materials included  Class size limited to 10 students per class

Working with Porcelain

This class is design for individuals with some clay experience that are interested in using porcelain.  Explore decorating techniques with cone 6 porcelain.

Cost: $220 materials Not included.  There will be 2 types of porcelain that can be purchased for use.  The class size is limited to 10 students per class.

Wood Firing Class

This class is designed for any individual that is interested in learning about firing a kiln with wood.  All skill levels are welcome, must be able to create work without instruction.    

Class 1-3: produce pieces for the firing (3 hours per days). 

Class 4: Instruction on glazing and decorating bisque fired work for wood firing. 

Class 5: Loading the kiln 

Class 6: FIRING

Class 7: Unloading 

Instructors:  Kevin Lehman and Phil Kreider

Cost:  $270 includes: 25 pound of clay, bisque firing and 4 cubic feet of wood kiln space.  

Class size is limited to 10 students per class.

Raku Firing

Enjoy the exciting process of Raku firing.  Bring 4 smaller BISQUED pieces (6 inches) to fire. 

Instuctor:  Kevin Lehman

Cost: $30 for 4 pieces.  Additional pieces will be charged according to size.

Glass Classes are now being offered

Introduction to Glass Blowing

Learn the basics of glass blowing.  This class will cover safety in the hot shop,

tools and tool uses, and very basic techniques for getting started with glass blowing

Instructor: TBA

Cost: $135 per student Class size limited to 4 people

Paperweight: $55

Glass Flower: $35

Glass Bead making

Coming soon

Pottery and Glass Classes

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